It’s Big Things, It’s Small Things, It’s Everything.

Day 4 of The Year.  

Mourning: still mourning the invisible ones

solidarity: with all the invisible ones working to become visible

rebellion: becoming visible myself through this project

It’s Big Things, It’s Small Things, It’s Everything.

I had coffee with my mom this morning. She told me she woke up crying thinking about mourning and sadness.

Her husband walked in, saw her crying, and said, “why are you crying?” which is a perfectly normal response in our culture when you find someone with tears running down their face.

But she said she instantly thought “ why aren’t you crying?”

And that’s exactly it!!! WHY AREN’T YOU CRYING?

I’m the type of person who’s always stomping around asking my husband rhetorical questions I expect an answer to (bless his heart). Why do you think the dinosaurs went extinct? What is your favorite memory? Why do you think people behave the way they do?

One day, watching a documentary about Germany during the holocaust, I remember saying,“ Oh my god, how could people have known what was happening and just continued about their business?”

The documentary showed people playing at the beach, shopping in stores, throwing parties, and attending sports games AT THE SAME TIME real live human beings, babies, whole families, were being murdered in death camps IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

I mean, really feel that for a moment. The terror of having your baby ripped from your breast and murdered. That pain is so big, so terrifying, that you can barely think about it, it makes you sick, and sweaty, and shaky. And yet, there they were, the people in the documentary about Germany, going about their business, making roast beef for dinner or whatever.

Wil, being the wise man and historian he is said, “well most of the Germans didn’t even know what was happening in their own country, or, since it didn’t directly effect them, they just didn’t pay much attention.

And that made my blood run cold.

Because, Oh My God, we are living through a GLOBAL GENOCIDE of people, indigenous cultures, entire ecosystems, animal, plant, and tree species etc. and most people are seemingly GOING ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS, playing at the beach, throwing parties, shopping, and going to work, just like many of the Germans during WWII.

So then the question is, if you are not aware of what’s happening, or simply don’t think it personally effects you so you choose to live your life like nothing is happening, are you innocent? Do you get a free pass? Are you off the hook? Sorry, I didn’t know millions of people and animals were being murdered every day, oopsie, I was too busy planning that party.

If you choose to ignore a GLOBAL GENOCIDE of millions of humans, species, and ecosystems, are you innocent?

At one time, I would have said yes. Yes, if you don’t know about all this, you’re innocent.

But now I think that’s bullshit, a cop-out. Information is SO EASY to get. It flows around us like the very air we breathe. And if you don’t have access to information, which I know some don’t, you must be able to FEEL. Everyone must be able to feel the suffering, I’m sure of it.

So then to ignore what’s happening on our planet right now, to ignore the suffering all around us, is a crime, as sure as any other.

And what is the proper behavior for people when they are living in a collapsing world, when they are living through a GLOBAL GENOCIDE?

I’m not sure. There is no one answer, no book of etiquette to teach us the Proper P’s and Q’s during full environmental, social, spiritual, and economic collapse.

But we can be sure of some things.

The water is poisoned, the air is toxic, the soil is contaminated. Many people are suffering. The land and animals are suffering. Corporations run our government and the world. They are not alive. They do not protect the interests of things that are alive.

Am I saying we need to stop our lives, stop enjoying life? No of course not, because without, love, and happiness, and connection, and enjoyment, what would even be the point of saving this thing?

All I’m saying is,

To flip this script, to change this world, it will not take one idea, one person, one action, or one type of rebellion.

To stop this Global Genocide and build a new world, it will take a revolution.

A revolution made up of

small things, big things,

and everything.

All I’m saying is,

Refuse to act like nothing is happening.

For God’s sake, for the world’s sake, for yourself, your children, and our communities,

do something,

take action,

stand up.

Please do fucking something.

I’m here on my knees,

begging you.

Why aren’t you crying?

That is all for now,




3 responses to “It’s Big Things, It’s Small Things, It’s Everything.

  1. I don’t have an answer to your question about some people. Everyday is a challenge to not cry, to not rage, to not dissolve into despair. How to chose wisely what to do with this precious life so that my living will do no harm, or the least harm, and where is the tipping point between living and denying my own needs and pleasures, the joy of being and the crisis we have wrought upon the land that gave us existence?

  2. I hear you, I’m listening, trying to find answers. It means so much to be connecting to others who feel the same way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting. Love natasha

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