The Water Part II

Day 8 of The year

This subject is so big, and the repurcussions of our treatment of the water is so frightening, that I’m all writer’s- blocked up about it. But I’m just going to get started and see where we go. The first step is always the most difficult, right?

Scientists say the human body is somewhere between 60% and 90% water. The earth is also 60% to 90% water. The human body contains all of the 100 or so minerals that the ocean also contains.

Amniotic fluid, blood and tears all contain similar levels of salt and minerals.

Once, in a museum, I saw the skeleton of a whale. Hidden inside the spot where it’s flipper would have been, was a perfect, five-fingered human-like hand.

When I was very pregnant with Revel, and we went swimming in the ocean, a pod  of half a dozen dolphins or so swam up and all around us, close enough to see the details of their skin, their fins, and their beautiful faces. Not to be weird, but I’m pretty sure Revel and the dolphins needed to see each other, a secret communication between creatures from the watery worlds.

I saw my son flow from my own body on a wave of salty, mineral rich amniotic fluid. And that experience made me understand how the earth felt long, long ago, as her babies slid from the ocean onto dry land.

And now, to see that same small son delight in water, to hear him cry to us to turn on the faucet that releases it,

makes me speechless with the grand design of it all.

And it makes me wonder how I can possibly describe to him,

how and why we created a world,

where we hide the water in pipes,

and put a price tag on it.

But I just think that the only answer I can give him

is my salty tears.

Thank you for listening,




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    We must stand together to care for and RESTORE the Earth so that its natural systems can foster and sustain LIFE.

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