Hiding in Plain Sight

Day 24

This is not the post I set out to write, but it seems to be the one that wants to get written the most, the one raising it’s hand high, waving it around in the back of the classroom.

And even as I start typing this, I’m not sure where it’s going, so let’s just see what comes out, what is so insistent on getting shared.

And I think it’s something that Wil said to me earlier, when I got really, really sad and lonesome feeling about the way the world is, and how sad everyone is sometimes, and how hard everyone works to get by, and how everyone is just trying their best.

And I was saying to him that I just wish the world was different, that there was a better way to live so people didn’t have to struggle so much, and we could live in intact communities, within intact ecosystems, and support one another, and not feel all lonely, and heartbroken, and homesick all the time for something we can’t even name.

And he told me ” that world is all around us,” he gestured around our house and pointed outside,” it’s all around us, the original instructions, the old ways, we just can’t see it because of our perceptual filtering, our personal  and cultural bias, our pattern blindness, but it’s been here all along.”

And what he meant was, it’s just like the natives who literally couldn’t see Columbus’s ships off the coast because they had no frame of reference for such an image.

Or the man from the rainforest, who saw a bison at long range and became terrified and asked why it was so small. His eyes were so used to being surrounded by trees and forest that his brain couldn’t understand distance like that.

Or how all the plants looked the same to me until I learned their names, and their patterns, and their colors, and their smells.

And how when you buy a new car, you suddenly see that same type of car everywhere, and you think, ” I never noticed all of these cars before, did everyone run right out and buy one after I did?”

And no, of course they didn’t, those cars were always there.

But your awareness of them wasn’t always there, and that made you blind in a way.

And I’m blind in a way, because I just can’t see what Wil is showing me, that the world I wish for is all around us,

I’m just not used to recognizing that pattern.

But then,

if I squint my eyes just so,

and cock my head,






Thank you for listening,



No guest post tonight. Just this goddamn beautiful photo by Michelle J. Thank you Shell. This photo makes me feel happy, in a baby snuggling with mama kind of way. What a world, that contains such beauty. Love you Shell.

photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.


6 responses to “Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Lovely words, ringing true.
    Lovely photo, mirroring the words.

    Thanks ladies.

    • How amazing is that feather though? Thanks to mother nature and God for creating it, thanks to the bird for carrying it, and Michelle for capturing its beauty. And thanks for reading:)

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