we are wildly disillusioned

Day 34


I’ve been thinking about lies.

They lied to us. And it pisses me off.

They lied to us when they told us college would make us happy.

Because all it did was saddle our freshly graduated, rosy cheeked, promising young lives with massive debt.

Debt that would force us to keep working, working, working.

They lied to us when they told us finding a good job would make us happy.

Because there aren’t many jobs to go around. Because there are roughly 160 applicants for every opening. Because it turns out being chained to a cubicle for 8 hours a day in order to stuff someone else’s pockets isn’t all that fulfilling.

They lied when they told us a new car, and a new house, a new phone, and a new computer would make us happy.

Because every plastic, shiny new thing steals your hard earned cash, and you become a kind of exhausted slave to all your stuff.

They lied to us when they told us a new marriage, and a new house, and a new baby would make us happy.

Because paying for the new house means working around the clock, which means your new marriage drifts slowly apart, and your new baby is raised by paid strangers.

They said, “don’t worry, keep working!” because when you retire, you’ll get social security, and your hard-earned pension. THEN you can relax, THEN you can really live, travel maybe, climb that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb, swim in the sea.

But many people aren’t getting their pensions, because the companies went out of business, because CEO’s and heads’ of corporations were too busy stuffing their fat wallets, and those were empty promises anyways. And social security is on the ropes, days numbered. “There won’t be anything left by the time you’re my age!” the elders tell us.

And the air is so polluted, and the soil is so contaminated, and the water is so dirty and we’re so sick from eating food that isn’t really food that by the time we’re retired, and ready to start living, we’re lucky if our bones aren’t all chewed up, and our breasts removed, and our lungs all blackened from cancer.

And I’m just sitting here asking, “What would you do if you could do anything? What if, come morning, you didn’t go to that mind numbing job you hate?”

What if you let the new car get repossessed, the new house get foreclosed?

What if you bought land with a small house on it, or traveled from coast to coast, or flew to spain, or bought a new guitar, or bought a library of books,

with the last of your credit cards,

knowing you’d never pay it off? Never even intending to pay a cent.

What if you ruined your credit on purpose,

Just so they could stop holding it over your head?

And when your back’s against the wall, and your new house, and your new car, and all the shiny things are gone, and your credit is gone,

and you must survive by wits alone,

what if it turns out you are incredibly resourceful?

and you start a small business from scratch, or make a small market garden on land you work with others,

and you live with friends, and family,

and you share food, and you have time to enjoy that new marriage, and your beautiful new baby.

And you are finally FREE.

We are wildly disillusioned. But that is our greatest strength.

See through the illusion.

Don’t listen to their lies.

photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.

Thank you for listening,




10 responses to “we are wildly disillusioned

  1. Absolutely awesome! keep sharing!

  2. Frances Malone HTCP

    Wow! I did quit my job and have found joy in the simple things. Our retirement did take a beating but we have learned to live simply. As for the planet… pray that it has a soul that will replenish itself because getting millions to learn to care for Mother Earth is too big a thing for me to worry about. I have read several of your posts over the time you have been posting. Many strike a chord with me. I still just choose to love.

    • Beautiful words Frances, thank you for sharing. Yes! I am also in love, with the birds, with the trees, with the blue, blue sky. And ALL the creatures that call this planet home, including humans. We are so lucky, aren’t we? xo, Natasha

  3. Wonderful post, and such true words! My husband was fired without warning six years ago; when we said we would not go back to slavery, and that we would start our own business, no-one supported us. Today, six years later, and after going through a million struggles, I can say without a doubt that not only I do not regret the decision, but also that I wish we would have started earlier. You are very, very right – when we thought we were completely powerless, the truth was that we were free. Thanks so much for writing this post!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story Carolina! We are made to feel powerless, but really we are the ones holding the keys to our shackles. It is people like you who inspire others to make the choice to be free. Glad to be connected to a true kindred spirit!

  4. I love that moon photo HUGELY.
    I guess I love the moon hugely, too.
    Oh, and you. I love you hugely.

  5. I am wildly disillusioned. And feeling free…Thank you for the work you have done so far.

    • We all thought our feelings of unrest made us outcasts, and misfits. It’s amazing to find out there are so many who feel the same way. Our strength lies in joining together. Thank you for commenting, thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting this project. But most of all, thank you for following your heart through all of your adventures. You’re awesome Regina! Love, Natasha

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