The language of the land

Day 35


photo by Michelle J.

I dreamed of Oatstraw the other night.

Milky Oats, Avena Sativa, a delicate grass, palish tan, shivers it’s shoots in even the slightest wind,

Soothes all systems of the body, in the gentlest way,

particularly soothing and nourishing to the the human nervous system.

Wil suffers from hemiplegic migraines, difficult to treat, they present as partial paralysis, pins and needles, anxiety, and vertigo. Nasty stuff.

In the dream, it was suddenly clear to me that the Milky Oats could help him. That he must drink copious amounts of tea, sweetened with the finest honey. That the Oatstraw would help support his system and work synergistically with his other medicines.

And I’ve studied herbs, and I’ve been blessed to learn from one of the best community herbalists, my friend and mentor Sarah P., and I’ve grown Avena Sativa, and have used it in tea many times.

So I know the dream was right, that this beautiful and gentle herb CAN probably help Wil.

And I know that dreams are one of the Old Ways of listening, of finding out, of learning.

That dreams are a language of our land, the alphabet of the water, trees, and sky.

And that once dreams told our ancestors where to find the deer, and what plants were safe to eat, and where the sweet water was, and how to plant the corn, and how to make a bow for hunting.

And I know that I was born into a culture that, for the most part, doesn’t respect dreams, doesn’t listen to them, doesn’t cultivate a relationship with the dreaming.

And that dreams are a part of my rewilding process that I haven’t paid much attention to.

And yes, sometimes I receive helpful information while sleeping,

but I don’t think about it much,

And yes, I try to pay attention to the messages and apply them to my life,

But I don’t take them seriously enough.

And so, I just think it would be helpful if we shared our dreams with one another, and took them seriously, and looked for the meaning in them, and cultivated our dreaming experience.

And I really want to know,

What do you dream about? What messages are you receiving? What worlds lie behind your closed eyes when the lights go out?

And what if we’re missing all the answers, all the messages, and all the meaning,

because we’ve forgotten the language of the land?

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.

Our guest post tonight is from my wild-hearted, and land loving friend Daisy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Daisy, for your beautiful and  painfully true words. We must look at what is wrong first, if we ever hope to fix it.

“We pretend that everyone is equal, so we don’t acknowledge the serious problems all around us.”

Re-humanize: To make humane, kind or gentle. To make human.

I thought you might find some of these ideas kindred to the spirit of loss and mourning.

I think it is important to speak of the degradation of the value
of being human and recognizing the humanity of others.
Its easiest to note our internal separation from our spiritual
base in the example of our interactions with homeless people,
drug addicts, or people we perceive as poor or invaluable to
our capitalist, itemized and luxury driven culture.
We are so separated from the natural state of our species
that we are conditioned to be afraid of each other and group
each other in neat boxes of poor, rich, valuable, invaluable, attractive, unattractive. This problem overlaps many
current social issues and is hard to pinpoint to one specific
instigator. (Advertising, Organized Religion, Capitalism, Patriarchal Institutionalism) I could list a thousand possible sources and
never feel I was adequately covering all bases.
But as it is the easiest to relay, and perhaps the easiest to take action as a community, and as an individual.

A “homeless” person is barely recognized as a person on
an emotional level in almost all aspects of their social interactions.
The degrees of emotion and concern expressed by individuals outside of that social classification are almost purely pity, avoidance, annoyance or disgust. Members of our dominate class view them as a blight or unfortunate consequence of others prosperity.
That truth is evident in this horrible situation-

The need to itemize homeless persons and ignore their importance and humanity is further present in a statement from our mayor:

Gregory “G” Bayne refused to drop his “knife”.
He was urinating late night in the square of Lancaster city
because he needed to relieve himself, I know personally if you lack the ability to patronize establishments and posses, in duality, the
social dress qualifiers that define you as poor you will not be permitted in a private restroom.
Imagine you are homeless, you are caught urinating in public by a police officer. You know your dehumanized in this officers eyes,

just the same as everyone else except this person can take
away the small amount of freedom you have, humiliate and
imprison you. So you run. And your shot in the back three times.

To bring this to a tee, Human beings deserve equal treatment.
It sounds like a trivial statement, and a sentiment were all familiar
with, “Treat others as you……..”
But were not doing it!
I challenge you and your humanity, sit down with a homeless man/woman. Speak to them with out patronizing pity or empathy.
Speak to them from a place of respect, because they’re lives are a hell of a lot more authentic and difficult then ours.

You might make a wonderful new friend.
You might learn something about yourself.

If we can start to build the ties of our community from the figurative “bottom” and realize the “success” scale might be entirely skewed,
we might be able to start working up the mountain of social issues that were constantly sweeping under the rug.–dDx0q6so#t=847


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