speak to me

Day 39

photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.

I cannot find the right words to describe to you,

how I feel about this beautiful world.

How it makes me feel,

to hear a snake’s dry slither in the grass.


The only way I can think to show you,

is to lead you to the place in the river where the spotted fawn drinks with his mother.

Next to the tiny, five fingered tracks of the Raccoon written in mud.


I cannot think of a way to tell you ,

how it feels to be in love with this planet.

My tongue is far too clumsy, the words far to dull.

The only way I can think to help you know my heart

is to lead you by the hand with eyes closed,

and guide your gentle touch to the rough bark of the Black Walnut tree, and the smooth bark of the beech.


I cannot tell you for sure if God exists.

But I can show you the finest down of pine needles and milkweed fluff

at the center of the squirrel’s nest, warm and safe.


I cannot make you love what I love.

All I can do is speak of my own experience,

of floating on the gentle creek current, blue sky above.


All we can hope to do in our short time here,

is let ourselves be led,

by the things that call to us most loudly.

To listen for the messages,

that help us know which way to go.


Because we defend what we love,

our children, our families, the land beneath our feet.


Open your eyes, see the destruction, the pain, the suffering of those you hold most dear.

Do not turn away.

Feel the hot anger, the adrenaline shot to the veins, the quickened breath, the heightened senses.

Let it be the fuel that drives you to act.

Take care of yourself, keep your body strong, your mind clear. Eat as cleanly as possible. If you drink, drink sparingly, if you smoke, smoke little.

Love hard, laugh a lot.

Because they want us to be dumb, and sad, and slow, and sick, so we’re easy to control.

But we’re building a new kind of army, armed with pens, and paper, and skills, and community, and awareness, and connection, and resourcefulness, and peace, and things we will only discuss behind closed doors with trusted friends.

We are biding our time, gaining strength, growing in numbers, learning, and sharing.

We are finding the things that light us on fire, awaken our cells, and call up ancient stirrings.

Speak to me of the things you love.

And I will speak of mine.

Thank you for listening,




photo by wil

photo by wil


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