If you see something, say something

Day 41

photo by Wil

photo by Wil

Stockholm Syndrome:

the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.

-Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

Someone very close to us is in jail right now.

After Wil went to a hearing for this person the other day, he came home and said,

“I’ve always known on a cognitive level that our society is held together by our willingness to participate, but for the first time I really felt it.

Sitting there, watching the proceedings, seeing the lawyers talk and laugh together, listening to the legal jargon, feeling the anxiety of the defendants, I felt, I mean really felt, that this whole system is a mental construct obviously made to control us, and keep us in line.

Yet we’re the ones keeping it running. We’re the ones holding the keys to our cells, we are our own prison wardens.”

And I went , “Yes, that’s exactly right!!!!

Because we are the ones holding this thing up. The workers, the teachers, the police officers, the lawyers. The mamas, the papas, the waiters, the business owners.

The people. All the people like you and me who continue to participate in a system that consistently under serves us.

A system that abuses us, mistreats us, belittles us and keeps us separate and isolated.

A government, economic, and social system that ignores us and tells us we mean nothing.

But we’re so used to this kind of treatment, so demoralized from feeling helpless and controlled all the time,

that we’ve begun to suffer from a kind of mass Stockholm Syndrome.

We are the hostages who defend their captors. And even if we see an opening in the cell door, we stay anyway.

But what if we just stopped? Playing the game, following the rules. What if we helped each other grow strong and confident? What if we learned the kind of skills that would allow us to reclaim our freedom? What if we made new rules, based on natural systems? Rules to support life, and happiness, and the welfare of all?

What if we fought our captors and won?

What if we opened the doors to our jail cells and stepped out into the sunlight?

The new government slogan is “if you see something, say something.” It encourage us to report suspicious behavior to authorities, and to snitch on our neighbors and fellow humans.

Well I see something alright.

I see a corrupt government system that chases the mighty dollar at the expense of its’ citizens and our landbase.

I see a population of good people struggling to get by, living hand to mouth, feeling inadequate and broken.

I see collapsing ecosystems all around us.

And it’s time we start saying it.

And carefully and thoughtfully planning,

our route of escape.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.



3 responses to “If you see something, say something

  1. Fantastic French film from the 90s that fits with what we are saying.

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