A strong dream

Day 50

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

A few weeks before my nephew was born, I had a very strong dream.

In the dream I was running on an abandoned road with very tall and mossy trees all around.  Thick stands of bamboo lined the streets and brushed my arms as I ran through misty gray, clouds touching earth.

In my hands I carried a bamboo tube, about a foot long, with a bamboo stopper at one end. The bamboo was wrist thick, and wrapped tightly with a length of cordage.

In the dream I slowed to a stop and  kneeled, facing East, dug a small hole, my bare hands scooping soft earth.

From a pouch at my side I withdrew a handful of herbs. Wiry tendrils of Usnea, Old Man’s Beard, and flakes of Irish Moss.

I opened my bamboo container and stuffed in the herbs, packed them tight. Then I capped the container, and gently placed it in the depression waiting at my knees, scooped in the soft soil, patted the ground,

and woke up.

But the dream, it stayed with me, hovering around the back of my mind, and the corners of my vision. I could still feel the smooth grains of the bamboo in my hands, the gray mist on my shoulders, the soft soil on my hands.

And then one night I cancelled my plans, and took the dogs for a walk by the stream near our house.

And there, floating in an eddy, hovering on the streambank, was the bamboo from my dream.

Longer of course, with some leaves still on the end, cracked up one side, but I still could tell it was the one.

So I plucked it out of the water and used my pocketknife to cut it down to size. Used one of the thinner portions to make the cap, and used some twine to wrap around the crack in the side.

And everything shimmered and swayed slightly as dreamworld and waking world came together.

Back at home, I filled the bamboo container with Usnea and Irish Moss from my stash of herbs. Packed them tight until I couldn’t fit any more and popped the cap on.

Then I kneeled in the Eastern flowerbed next to our little house, scooped away the soft earth with my hands, placed the container inside and filled the hole back in.

And almost exactly 24 hours later, to the pull of a great round, silver full moon, my nephew was born, his soft cries joining  all the other sounds of this world.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

Our guest piece tonight is from my friend Dillon, lover of the land, child of the earth. Thank you for this beautiful vision Dillon!

Native Heart, Indigenous Soul

original artwork by Dillon Nabor Cruz

original artwork by Dillon Nabor Cruz


Awaken to your Native Heart,

from there comes the truest wisdom,

for we are all Native to this Earth.


Is there another home we belong to?

Can we roam freely from our Earthly home?

Awaken to your Native Heart,

It beats within us all

rhythmically calling us to INHABIT

the Land upon which we stand,

to create a Life-place,

and to…



Answer the call of your Indigenous Soul!

It is calling you, me, and everyone Home.

Your Indigenous Soul calls you to INHABIT,

rather than OCCUPY the Land

upon which you stand!

This Land is your Land!

Wherever you walk, wherever you stand

Your Native Heart beats

with the same rhythm as THIS Land,

be it in the East, West, North or South.

One Planet. One Heart. One Tribe.


Heed the CALL!

A Native Heart beats within you.


Remember that YOU are NATIVE to this EARTH,

this HOME.

Awaken to your Native Heart’s beat,

it beats inside you, me

everyone, everywhere

because we are all Native to Here, this Earth.

One Planet with One Heart.


Awaken to your Native Heart,

calling you, me, everyone

to make it right,

to reverse the blight

and we can do it all

with Love and Light,


if we listen to our Native Heart and heed our Indigenous Soul.


Our Native Hearts

beat in rhythm with our Mother

who births ALL we need to THRIVE.

Our Indigenous Souls wail with GRIEF

for the Rivers and Streams that flow

poisoned to the one world Ocean.

Our Native Hearts yearn for clean water.

Our Earthly Mother wants to give us clean water.

Let Her.


Answer your Indigenous Soul.


One Planet. One Heart. One Tribe.

and yet…

Many Beings. Many Cultures. Many Lands.

and yet…

One Planet. One Heart. One Tribe.


You Native Heart beats with LIFE!

Be. Here. Now.

Where do you LIVE?

Your Native Heart demands to be heard!

Your Indigenous Soul longs to know THIS Land

upon which you stand!

Your Native Heart beats with the same rhythm

as the Land upon which you stand!

Your Indigenous Soul wails

for the wounded Land,

upon which you stand!



Close your eyes. Breathe.

Be still and know,

your Native Heart, you Indigenous Soul.

We are all Indigenous People,

though some have forgotten more than others.

Just know that your Native Heart remembers.

Your Indigenous Soul knows who you are.

One Planet. One Heart. One Tribe.

Your Native Heart beats inside

reminding you to INHABIT Earth

while giving back to Her,

rather than OCCUPY and take from Her.


Your Indigenous Soul calls you to the remembrance

that our Mother give us ALL.

Nurture Her. Love Her. Hear Her.

She is calling too.

Are you listening?

One Planet. One Heart. One Tribe.

and yet…

Many Beings. Many Lands. Many Cultures.

and yet…

One Planet. One Heart. One Love.

A Ho.



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