Love Hard

Day 55

This post is from Wilson Alvarez.

Today was a hard day.

Sugar coating the truth would only be false

making it easier to swallow for you and for myself

See, when you choose to really love something

and love it deep

you give up a piece of yourself that is dedicated wholly to  that thing 24/7, 365

thinking -caring-worrying-contemplating-enjoying whatever it is or whoever it is you’ve chosen to love

to love is to give

to love hard is to shatter

to love like I do it takes all I have.

To see my son crying in pain is to physically feel pain.

In Lurianic Kabballah, they describe God creating the universe by shattering himself to pieces ( since God was all and everything) A spark of God is in everything since God is the raw material we are made up of.

I have always felt that truth

To love hard is to destroy and create anew.

Revel has an ear infection

He barely smiled today

I didn’t smile at all

To love like I love my son is a dangerous kind of love

teetering on madness or wildness or both but its how I feel

To love this hard is to be a shattered vessel

unable to contain anything else yet whole

Tomorrow he will awaken and feel better or the same

And I will be at my post, holding constant guard against the world

The world is broken I can feel it. Hope is thin and fleeting for me

But when he laughs again

and you ask me about the world I will say

It seems bright, its going to be fine!


Love Wil


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