Forged from Pain

Day 57

By Wil

I am writing tonight because Tasha is too exhausted too. These last couple of

days have been hard and heartbreaking and painful and joyous all at once.

But don’t get me wrong- the worst days are better than most people will ever have.

When it gets rough we huddle close, like a turtle retreating to the darkness of its

shell. And the pain and anxiety that breeds discontent  in others roots us deeper

into the bedrock, the trick is learn when to let the current take you and when to

swim like your life depends on it, because it does, because the autopilot you find

yourself in IS YOUR LIFE. So when we emerge from this week that feels like

eternity we will smile knowing we share something. US THREE  that no one else could

A deep happiness forged from pain- a smile molded from tears

I am also exhausted and anxious but I stand strong and continue my watch over my family

because this is MY LIFE- us three-and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Love Wil


2 responses to “Forged from Pain

  1. Vigilant prayers with you.

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