We, the wild-blind

Day 67

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

On many nights I can feel the land calling me,

needing me as much as I need it.

It speaks to me of hiding spots,

cavities in the trunks of trees, burrows underground,

and camouflage,

the speckles on the cardinal eggs, the hazy brown of the deer.

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

The first time I made fire I cried,

loud and strong,

smoke hanging in the air around me,

bow drill at my feet.

These are gifts the land gives us,

holds out in outstretched hands with shy smile.

She is also afraid,

to forge new ties with ones who are reckless and fast,

who walk with clumsy steps on soft surfaces, who cannot see even with open eyes,

we, the wild-blind.

Her voice sounds like ocean waves and dry slither of snake,

the first caw of the crow at dawn, and the hallowed howling of wolf.

I want to know how the mountains move,

and where Raccoon goes at night.

I am a child for her,

her touch is soft, like Revel’s hand brushed against my chest.

She is wild,

glowing animal eyes in the night.

Let us heed her call.

She is unfamiliar, but do not be afraid,

her love for us is great.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Yank

photo by Yank


3 responses to “We, the wild-blind

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such a beautiful piece! Oh, it echoes the aching beauty of the call of the land that I feel in my heart!!!

    Thank you for writing this! It is a good reminder for me to spend time with the land and the trees during this time of year. Even though I don’t take part in the rushing, shopping customs of the holiday “season,” I still pick up the energy. It is so grounding to go sit with a tree friend.

    • I agree, the energy is frenzied at this time of year. I say go outside, go outside, go outside! I love to think about you doing your rewilding work allll the way on the other side of the country. It’s comforting, somehow. Love, Natasha

      • I’m glad to be comforting to someone else. Haha. The more rewilding work I do, the less I feel comfortable with the way things are. But knowing that you are out there doing your work alll the way on the other side of the country is comforting to me. And knowing that there are others like us is comforting, too.

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