Ear infections

Day 68

Mothering is the strangest thing. It is the only thing I’ve ever done that absolutely stretches all of my boundaries every day in every way.

Loving Revel has changed my world around, rearranged me so that I am all the parts I was before, only now I’m different.

Being a mother continuously challenges my boundaries, my patience, my ability to nurture, my ability to give of myself, my ability to forgive myself, my ability to love.

Revel gives me new eyes to see the world. The colors more vibrant, the noises more amazing, each moment more magic.

He gives me really big hugs now, squeezes me tight around the neck, bounces a little.

He has another ear infection. Yes, another one. Cries when he wakes up from the pressure in his ears, wants to nurse nonstop.

He needs his mama, so this post is short.

Revel, I love you so much. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. You are the greatest gift.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle J.

photo by Michelle J.


4 responses to “Ear infections

  1. Oh, lovey, lovey, lovey. So sorry.
    That photo is the BEST.

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