Day 71

It is very difficult to find a way to live in this world.

It is a constant struggle to find enough money to support ourselves.

And as much as the economic system makes us angry, we are still a part of it, must find enough cash each month to pay the rent, buy our food, get by.

We are capable of living off of very little money. The most we ever made was $30,000 dollars, between the two of us, making gardens with our edible landscaping company, living in a small city apartment, container gardens sprawling along the porch. The least was probably $6000, between the two of us, working under the table and living in the forest, out of our van, skinny dipping in a small pond every morning, catching bullfrogs and eating wild apples from the trees.

We’ve lived in a wall tent and a Subaru, with family and alone, stayed with friends and strangers, in houses and in tents. And once in a third story apartment amongst the branches of a city Sycamore, our bedroom window a beautiful pane of colorful stained glass, a remnant of something sacred.

And always, we’ve had each other, and always we’ve had the land.

But now we have our beautiful son Revel. A new member of our little family to consider, and take care of and protect.

Our boy needs space to run, and his cousin too, like our second son. Two rambunctious little guys. They need open sky, and icy waters, and strong winds. Fewer fences, roads, and rules.

And somehow, since Revel’s birth, we’ve become more focused, more driven, more inspired,

to live authentic lives, to give him the world he deserves, to find peace, to fight.

And we’re good right now, comfort-wise I mean. Surrounded by extended family, friends,

cozy in our little house, with just enough money to get by.

But yet, there must be MORE,

more we can do to save the planet,

more we can learn,

more we can do to push ourselves.

So we’re making lists,

of our goals, of our challenges, of our ideas.

Trying to figure out what our next steps should be, how this all fits together, where we belong.

Applying permaculture principles to our personal lives, so we can find our perfect niche.

Because each day our resolve is strengthening.

There is a revolution afoot,

and we’re ready to get our hands dirty,

people of the earth,

half moons of soil under each pale fingernail,

the scent of wood smoke in our hair.

Thank you for listening,




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