Our future lies in the edges

Day 74

Thank you to my amazing friend Yank for the beautiful guest photos tonight. They speak louder than words ever could.

photo by Yank

photo by Yank

Our future lies in the edges.

The hedgerow at the edge of the farmer’s field, the abandoned lot at the end of the street.

The neighborhood park where the owls live, the ravine in the small hills where the flood waters run.

The state game lands and forests, the national parks and backyards.

Our freedom is in the forests, where the wood thrush sings and the snapping turtle lays her eggs. It’s in the nettles and the jewelweed, the basswood and the oak tree.

There is wildness all around us, if we only stop to look.

Stop to listen.

Stop to touch.


Stop what you are doing, how you are living, anything that feels false and wrong.

It is ok to let go. You are free to make your own choices, no one can stop you.

Return to the wildlands, to hunt to gather, to play, to live, to love.

Explore the little abandoned fields off the highway, the greenbelt of trees that surround the small creek crossing the road, the marsh at the edge of the parking lot.

Seek out the wild spaces that are abandoned, forgotten, that go unnoticed.

Those places offer us refuge, connection, a place to call home.

photo by Yank

photo by Yank

Cultivate the skills that will allow us to caretake these places. Learn how to build fertility, grow food, make habitats, make better.

Because if we’re running away FROM, we better have a place to run TO.

And if we’re building a new culture, we better be ready to dismantle the old.

Because this beast is not going to let us leave willingly.

Ready yourself,  gather your courage,

set one point of weakness in your sights and

get to work with laser focus.

Reconnect with yourself, with others, and the land base.

Regenerate the wild spaces, arm yourself with the knowledge of gardening, permaculture, ecosystems, and habitats. The ways of the plants, the ways of the animals, the ways of the stones, the ways of water.

And rebel with all your wild energy, with your fierce, brave heart,

with all your might.

Because there is no time to waste.

The time is now.

We stand together.

Do not be afraid.

I love you.

Please forgive me.

I am sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Yank

photo by Yank


One response to “Our future lies in the edges

  1. Tasha – your words here are perfect, and true.
    Agreed, amen, and Aho.

    Yank, the photos are incredible. Thank you for sharing your gift of seeing.

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