Day 78

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

I’m itching to move today.

Yearning for change,

wanting to pack our few belongings into the back of the car,

climb in,

husband, baby, dogs, and all,

and take off,

over open roads, and stretching highways.

I’m fiending to see those road signs fly by, ticking off the miles,

naming towns,

small and large,

along the way.

I’d love to go until we can’t anymore,

stand with our toes in the Pacific,

watch the whales off the coast,

slate gray backs breaking the surface.

I want to climb into the belly of a redwood,

soft and mossy,

and hide out,

grow feral,

like the wild hogs,

and the cats.

But the air is still poisoned no matter how far I drive, in fact, its’ poisoned more by my driving,

the water still filled with chemicals.

The whales still too few,

the redwoods,


their days are  numbered.

And I’m thinking,

look Tash,

do you really think what you need is running


somewhere, someplace, something,



do y0u need to figure out what it is you’re running from?

your, grief, your life, your culture, the world,

the wounds.

Because no matter how many miles the highway is,

we can’t leave this shit behind.

Gotta face it

Gotta CHANGE it.

Gotta stay and fight.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez


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