Double Exposed World

Day 103

skullcandyAt some point in life

you stare out at the world and ask:

Is this it?

Is this what I was promised?

Is this what my parents struggled for?

what people argue over?

what people die for?

This can’t be it.

This world that fills my vision is not corresponding the one of my dreams

to the one of the stories I have heard since I was young

This broken sobbing planet can’t be the same blue gem set in blackness

I have stared at in photos since I was young.

This can’t be where whales break the surface of an endless ocean

Where birds fly in sun eclipsing numbers

Where trees pierce the sky and ever deeper into bedrock

When I was young staring endlessly at my  grandparents encyclopedia set

I was awed by the endless possibilities of this world.

I imagined discovering new lands or a new undiscovered animal.

I imagined a biosphere that wasn’t collapsing

and I remember most vividly the feeling of being a child

of the unbiased eyes that saw through the concrete and brick and dirt and poverty

and smelled the salty ocean on the breeze

lifted my face toward the sun

and daydreamed of the future

Today I stare out the window and see a world double exposed

One is the world of my dreams

from the pages of my grandparents encyclopedia

Where the starling dance in unison above me

Where the moon creates tides with the blood in my veins

Where in the sparkle in my sons eyes I see reflected the world I was promised

The world of my childhood

I can’t stop thinking about that sparkle in Revels eyes

I can’t stop fighting to make that world a reality.

I never want to make false promises to him like so many people did to me

I want him to see the world for what it is

Heartbreakingly beautiful

and wine glass fragile

I want him to stare out at the world

and smell the ocean on the breeze

feel the warmth of the sun on his skin

and know

this is the world of his dreams

The World I promised to him

Thank you



One response to “Double Exposed World

  1. i love this wil thanks for writing ❤

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