Day 107

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

This frozen cold weather is making me feel introverted,



thoughts brewing,

not quite ready to come out.

Like I’m wrapped in a cocoon of my own making.

It’s interesting to me how many old memories are coming up during this process.

I thought I’d be mostly looking out,

and instead I’m turning in.

It seems that writing about the experiences I’ve had allows me time to honor them,

process things I blew right past originally.

I guess all of these things have just been rattling around inside me waiting to come out,

waiting for the light to shine their way,

so they could release their wisdom, their lessons,

their potential,

like sun warming seeds in soil,

the first baby leaves

unfurling from dark slumber.

My secrets are revealing themselves.

I’m the onion with the peeling layers,

1000 skins,


the strength of each one measured by the

tears that fill my eyes.

Inside and


In an upside down world,

I am inside out.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

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