We must learn to recognize our allies

Day 108

photo by Michelle Johnsen

“echinacea” photo by Michelle Johnsen

Mugwort, feathery leaves, strong scent for dreaming. Steeped and swallowed as a bitter tea, crushed and placed under the pillow or hung over the bed.

Vitex for hormone regulation. Peppery seeds prepared as tincture, steeped in alcohol, strained and taken drop by drop.

Rosemary for safe childbirth. Sprigs placed around the room, essential oil infused into the air.

Lemon Balm for relaxation. Fresh or dried. Perfect brewed in the sun and iced.

Mullein to break up a cough. Leaves soft and fuzzy, large. Dried and drunk as tea.

Peppermint for stomach aches. Sniffed for nausea.

"Red Clover" photo by Michelle Johnsen

“Red Clover” photo by Michelle Johnsen

Queen Anne’s Lace for birth control. Taken during and after ovulation to prevent implantation.

Nettles for the urinary tract. Drying or cooking takes the sting out. Can be added to soups or tea.

Oatstraw for frazzled nerves. Pale white and silky smooth. Repairs the myelin sheath.

Valerian for deep and sound sleep. Tiny rootlets, earthy scent.

Passionflower for circling thoughts. To stop the nagging worries rattling around in your mind.

And so many more.

Food, medicine, friends.

A slow getting to know over a period of years. And still, many of their ways are yet unknown to me.

DSCN2070 (1)

And still so many questions.

Which are the plants to cure cancer, diabetes, AIDS?

Which ones to mend a broken heart?

To bring courage,



To help us know the future,

to help us listen,

to make us see.

Which are the herbs that will show us how to live in this place,

Guide us with their slow reaching tendrils,

stretching for the sun?

Drink up dear one.

Cut sweet fresh flowers and wear them in your hair,

set them on the windowsill like a beacon,

lay them at the feet of your enemies.

We must learn to recognize our allies.

They may not be who you were expecting.

Try to keep an open mind.

Ask questions.

And above all else

follow your heart.

This war has never been fought before.

We cannot know which way it will go.

Learn the ways of the plants, the animals, the wild ones.

Lay your bare hands on the earth and feel the hum.

The great, wrenching movement,

ancient bones,




birthing the dawn of a new age.

Wet, slippery,




Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez



10 responses to “We must learn to recognize our allies

  1. yarrow will stop the blood from a wound… perhaps it will mend a broken heart, as well? my favorite herb…

    • I love this Ross! And good to hear from you. I know you’ve been doing the work of rewilding too. Is your heart also broken in a million ways? Do you still spend a ton of time in the woods?

  2. LynMarie Berntson

    What is effective for acne?

    • Hi there! I like red clover, oatstraw, or nettles as tea. Alfalfa is good too. Anything that is very mineral rich helps. xo Natasha

  3. Ah, yes.
    Yes, yes, yes.
    I love this.

    • Love YOU!!! Miss you too. I hope you know how much it means to me that you read and comment all the time. It’s wonderful!!

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  5. I keep coming back to read this. I can’t put into words how it touches me. Thank you so much Tash ❤

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