Day 113

photo  by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

So here’s the thing.

The part where I get a little stuck.

I can reconnect to the land until I’m so wild I forget how to say my name,

until I lick sweet honey from heavy hives and swim naked in the cold, blue sea.

I can reconnect to other blazing hearts until I am held in a web of love, and community, and life,

happy, laughing, free.

And I can regenerate the land by growing soil, and planting trees, and seeding plants, and growing gardens

until the forests teem with deer and fruit hangs heavy on the trees.

But the water will still be poisoned with a glossy sheen of oil,

the air will still be burning acrid holes in my lungs,

the food will still be sprayed with Monsanto’s chemicals, and Dow’s and all the rest,

and civilization will still keep marching on, gobbling up my beloved land, and community,

consuming, consuming, consuming until there is nothing left.

And here we are. The component that keeps all the rest of the plan from working.

If I want to live in harmony with the earth, with the people, with the animals, and all the wild things, and with my community, and with myself,

civilization has got to go.

The corporations must topple like so many dominoes,

standing in a row.

One after another, after another, after another,

down, and down, and down.

And that’s an extremely tall order,

to topple such mighty dominoes,

made of steel, and concrete,

and money.

But I’ve been thinking.

about the things we have going for us, the things in our favor.

We come from this culture, and are products of this civilization.

We know this monster inside and out.

That’s good.

We know how it works, how it thinks, its’ habits.

We ARE its’ habits.

This is a good thing.

Because on the outside we may look like we’re playing the game,

the perfect wife, the loving son, the industrious worker, the efficient businessman,

but all the while we are waiting, watching, planning,

and committing small and large

acts of defiance.

Working alone, and together,

quietly building a new world,

from inside the belly of the beast.

Until one day,

we watch the last domino fall.

And in it’s footprint,

we join our hands together,

raise our faces to the newly revealed sun,

and sing.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


One response to “Subversives

  1. Andrea Huckleberry

    I think this is my favorite post so far. Every time I hit a wall, underneath all the feelings that come up, I always find faith. It’s not faith that everything on Earth will all be saved and everyone will live happily ever after. That is a dream that I keep dreaming even as lives keep passing beyond our reach. The faith comes from knowing that the monster can feel each mosquito bite left by one of us – the Earth warriors, the warriors of the heart, the warriors of the authentic self.

    This faith has grown with my own faith in myself – that I am already who I am, that I don’t need to be anyone but who I am, and that I am a valuable part of the whole. So, I think that’s why I appreciate this post so much. It honors all the puzzle pieces – even the little, hidden ones.

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