The odds are never in our favor, and it’s time for a change

Day 120

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

I have often said that this revolution is a tricky one, because unlike the already unbelievably difficult task of overthrowing a dictator or government,

we must overthrow our entire culture, the very fabric of our lives. Shrug off the  fibers of our beings, like a sweater that’s grown too tight, exposing our vulnerable wrists, pulling too tight across our breasts, our chests and stomachs, restricting our movements, holding us down.

I have always thought that because our task is so large, the painful separating of ourselves from the culture we were born into, the civilization that has fed, and clothed, and sheltered us,

that worrying about our government is almost a side note. They don’t have any REAL power anymore anyways. The corporations have taken care of that. The government is bought, corrupt. Sign, sealed, delivered. That’s that. Just another thing that’s broken and wrong in a long list of things that are broken and wrong.

But when I said this to Wil the other day, I was suddenly struck by the error of my statement.

Because yes, corporations rule the world. They have poisoned our air, and water, and soil, and food to make a buck. They have sold us out. They are not alive, and they do not protect the interests of things that are alive.

But our government is responsible for letting them run amok. At least partially. Letting money make every decision.

Our government does not serve the people. It does not have our best interests at heart.

We the people have been forsaken by our ruling body. Our political system is damaged, dead, a facade, a farce.

And that is a problem. That is something worth worrying about. Because the weaker our government is, the more corrupt it is,

the more moved by the mighty dollar it is,

and the less we the people can have any impact.

The decisions are out of our hands, and we are left voiceless,

fighting a giant with stones and sticks.

Outnumbered, outweaponed, outlasted, outlived.

So maybe removing a broken government IS worth worrying about.

But how would we do so without opening our country up to the frightening and violent power suck that usually follows a removal of some form of government? Uprising, revolution, regime change, battle for power, civil war. Sorrow, suffering, destruction, and death.

Traditionally, trying to fix the problem creates more problems. And often bloody ones.

What in the world would we replace our government with,

so we don’t end up with more of the same?

It’s pretty clear what needs to be done, but it’s not clear how to do it.

This revolution is big things, it’s small things, it’s everything.

I think our government is broken, and needs to be removed.

As for the specifics? I don’t have any answers. But I am willing to think about it.

I think it’s a conversation we need to have.

We should be talking about these things freely, openly,

using our clever minds and large hearts to find solutions, to make changes, to make plans.

We don’t need to be abused by our government,

and we do not need

to let our government abuse the land.




Please do not be afraid.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


One response to “The odds are never in our favor, and it’s time for a change

  1. love you, love this one.

    ps- i didn’t remember taking that photo until i saw it here!

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