Stake Your Claim

Day 125

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

We need to stake our claim.

We need to stand, back to back, tall, straight and strong,

with burning hearts and fire in our eyes,

gazing into the distance,

a place where our future shines,

as bright as the sea,

on a moonlit night.

We need to return to the semi-wild lands,

the forgotten places, the ignored,

where the Old Way rules still reign.

Next to the train tracks, under the highway bypass, next to the dark alleys where the broken glass shines like diamonds.

We need to grow food there, plant the medicines that will bring us health, watch the rabbits, and the squirrels, and the raccoons, and the deer,

that call those zones home.

that live out whole lives like shadows,

secret shapes moving in the night.

We need to be saboteurs,

flipping switches and causing trouble,

wherever we can, whenever we can,

in whatever fields we have access too.

We must work tirelessly, and furtively,

and also make ruckus in the streets.

There is a need for all of it,

we need all of it.

We must leave the jobs that no longer serve us, that hold us like slaves in shackles and chains,

learn to live with less,

learn to live.

Find small ways to make money, barter, trade,

extract ourselves bit by bit

from an economy

that turns us against one another,

consumes the land.

We need to raise our children up,

to know they are powerful, and brilliant, and strong, and vulnerable,

and part of a much larger whole.

And we need to allow ourselves to love one another,

passionately, desperately,

breath quickened,

chest to beating chest.

And that will help us love the land,

it will open our hearts,

make us soft, and sweet,

like babies,

suckling at the breast of a mother,

who never turns us away.

Go camping, sleep under the stars.

Spend as much time as possible outside, surrounded by wild things.

In a world that is false, they are true.

Stake your claim,

take a chance,

fall in love,

make some noise.

There are great changes happening now.

Many brave ones have stepped forward,

let yourself be among them.

You are strong in ways you’ve never even imagined.

Let yourself



Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

Oh I love my friend Sarah H. This is a guest piece inspired by her recent experiences. So often we are made to believe that clarity can come from turning inward. But really, we must take chances, risks, do, and act. It is this motion that allows us to build our own wisdom, and helps us to know our own hearts. Thank you for reminding us of this truth Sarah!!-


by Sarah H.

Meditation is digging a hole so deep into the ground that a fresh spring is released into your brown black palms, and drinking it straight, without a cup…

Meditation is squeezing your lover so hard, their heart is your heart…

Meditation is speaking the truth with such grace and dignity, nothing about it is harsh…

Meditation is teaching yourself to breath into your solar plexus and hold it, til it pours from your skull and carrying it all day and all night…

Meditation is crying so loudly everyone wants to ask why, but they know…

Meditation is on your knees, begging to know this is who you are- My Beloved, ” I am bliss, I am bliss, bliss absolute, bliss I am”…

Meditation is thanking your water and food…

Meditation is singing the song you love…

Meditation is courage…

Meditation is interconnected, the voice of Mother, who gives you everything…

Meditation is singing the song you love to the plants, and listening to their harmony…

Meditation is bare feet…

Meditation is feeding someone who needs food, even if they need food everyday…

Meditation is being a woman and flowing, and allowing your scent to drip all over your body, even if men go to war…

Meditation is closing your eyes and letting the darkness feed you…

Meditation is opening your eyes and letting the sunlight feed you…

Meditation is drinking salt water til you puke…

Meditation is making up your own meditation…

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