Day 136

I heard the power go out late last night.

The heater that warms our tiny house makes a blowing sound,

and it was the silence without it that woke me up.

The power is still out now, and we’re staying with family. HUGE thanks to them.

But every time something like this happens, I can’t help but think,

“what if this is it? what if the power never comes back on?”

And I think about how tenuous

this resource guzzling matrix

really is.

That one day, the power could go out,

and a series of events might happen,

and bam! that’s it,

grocery stores quickly emptied,

and mayhem in the streets.

And I admit,

it is no small part of me that hopes for this,

the death

of a beast

that will not be slayed.

And the thought scares me too.

But then, transitions can be frightening,

the unknown.

birth, death.

May we one day be delivered into

new life.

I hope everyone is safe and sound tonight.

Learn the skills of self reliance.

Living in these times,

our lives depend on it.

And we need them,

if we hope to tear this thing down,

to the free and wild


Thank you for listening,




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