What was living is now dead

Day 138
dead living

We have common needs


all these needs are simple

they all spring from the earth without massive effort

yet we toil

we build our own world

instead of inhabiting the one that sprouts from the soil

we pay dearly for our arrogance

we toil under florescent lights

instead of stalk deer through a sun dappled forest

we build monuments to destruction

we have short memories


the bipeds

have roamed this soil grown world for eons


the civilized

have toiled, murdered, bulldozed, raped , pillaged, burned our way

to the


it seems

we have blindly dug our way into a trap

in our possessed state


the bipeds

have survived

buried deep in our CIVILIZED


and we

must claw our way out

take a deep breath

close your eyes

and see

you are not what you think


the civilized

are a wild creature

burn the buildings

plant the trees

the deer wait on the edge

ready to run

 and we

the bipeds

wait patiently

one foot in each world

in tattered khakis

and buckskin moccassins

waiting for the wind to change direction.

By Wilson


3 responses to “What was living is now dead

  1. incredible i love this

  2. Such brilliant imagery.

  3. Beautiful, Wil.
    Thank you so much.

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