I wear my pain as my sleeve

Day 148

1924962_10201624911245495_919393248_nIts been so many days wearing black

sometimes days go by

and I barely remember what

or why i’m wearing this uniform

then there are days like today

that I stare at myself in the reflection of my car window

and it hits me

the world is dying

all that I see

and am a part of

is contributing

I am in mourning

and the whole blurry picture sharpens

my heart tightens

and my hands clench to fists

and my resolve renews

The lack of colors and logos


is soothing

masking my darkest thoughts with even darker dye

During these awakenings

the brightness of the sun

its reflection off the snow

the whiteness of it all stands not in contrast

but in solidarity like a yin yang

balancing my clenched fists with open arms

I am in mourning





My black clothes remind me of that

reminds me that I am actively fighting

against the culture of oppression

and that I wear my pain

as my sleeve

for the world to see.

Thank You




3 responses to “I wear my pain as my sleeve

  1. thank you so
    it is such a bizarre, jarring experience to be both witness & participant to the unfolding
    to know & feel the connection/interconnection of this whole
    this whole

  2. Good words.
    Thank you.

  3. love this wil thank you

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