I promised myself

Day 153

I promised myself that Revel would come first.

That if we were bringing a baby into this world, he would never want for attention or love,

knowing he would want for many other things

we, his parents, have very little control over.

Like clean air, water, soil, and food.

So on a night like tonight,

when he has a fever, and is tossing and turning in his sleep,

I can give myself wholeheartedly to holding him in my arms

until the sun comes up,

His dad right there on the other side.

So that he grows up knowing he’s not alone,

no matter what happens

in these uncertain times.

We love you Revie. You have captured our hearts.

No matter what happens,

just know we’re trying our best.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


Our guest post tonight is from fellow earth lover, Heather. She sent me this beautiful and powerful post to share with everyone. Thank you Heather! Love to you!


Intrinsic and Inspired

by Heather Heilman Loercher 2.5.14

photo by Heather Heilman Loercher

photo by Heather Heilman Loercher


Sitting quiet

in the dark before dawn,

with the breath of my own spirit

and flickering images in my mind’s eye.

I come to realize a glimpse of meaning within my inclination

to center my focus on the women in my world –

whether they are within my life’s circle, on the periphery or far in the distance.

As are many, always, I am

experiencing a time of growth and change,

both intentional and organic,

within myself and within my environment.

As children, we look to models of behavior

and characteristics that attract us,

suiting our inherent natures in some way.

I believe this continues to occur throughout life,

in ways both in both positive and challenging.

However, as adults, as we grow into

distinct versions of ourselves,

I feel that we – that I continue to seek

models in the women in my life.

I feel a keen awareness to observe

the characteristics I long to absorb

into my composition – to compliment

the ever-evolving, constantly refining version

of who I am naturally and who I hope to ultimately become

before my spirit leaves its shell.


This does not mean to say

that we are not already

strong in character,

but that the strength that most serves us

is in the acknowledgement that we are never truly complete.

Though we may exist in a place

of peace, gratitude and contentment,

there is always more to learn, become and do…

we are constant growth,

constant unfolding and layering,

constant evolution.

I look to the women –

The Artists, the Mothers, the Nurses, the Farmers

The Rebels, the Mystics, the Activists and the Hippies

The Sisters, the Staffers, the Leaders and the Followers

The Dreamers, the Do-ers, the Yogis and the Athletes

The Meek and the Brazen, the Elders and the Youth

photo by Heather Heilman Loercher

photo by Heather Heilman Loercher

For we are all Explorers,

whether we are amidst

feelings of loss or discovery.

We are exploring ourselves

as we are and as we wish to be.

So even though I am grown

and strive to honor my own light,

I still carry the spark of my child self –

Looking to the women of my world,

for models and examples,

connection and inspiration.

For we are all the same women –

Explorers, Warriors, Creators –

We travel with the gifts

of those we wish to acknowledge

and choose to accept

within ourselves

Both Intrinsic and Inspired.


photo by Heather Heilman Loercher

photo by Heather Heilman Loercher


One response to “I promised myself

  1. well stated sentiments Heather. i can relate.

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