We are all born wild

Day 162

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

In some small, hidden part of yourself

you can remember.

What it felt like to play.

To run with excitement, feet dancing over the ground, arms and heart


You can recall how it felt to pretend.

How you crawled like bears and tigers,

clambering over rough ground,

playing chase with


You can still feel

your small body

falling exhausted and strong into bed

without worries,

sweet dreams ready to dance in your head.

And then it happened. The world pressed too hard on one so young, so malleable.

And your smile got smaller and smaller, and your laughter got quieter and less frequent,

until it hardly came at all anymore.

And you were assimilated.

A little, wild soul swallowed up

by an ordered and controlled culture.

A rock carrier, working hard,

a cog in a great wheel turning and turning.

And I’m sorry that happened to you. To us. It’s not fair.

No one asked us. No one wondered if that’s what we wanted for our simple and beautiful lives.

I want more. I want all of us to want more.

We shouldn’t feel old and worried and sad and pathetic.

No matter our age.

We should be vibrant, and happy, and powerful, and courageous.

We should wear our pride like badges in our smiles and growl like tigers when confronted.

We should smell like wood smoke and honeysuckle,

and walk barefoot over soft moss and tough rocks,

wear smudges of soil on our sun kissed cheeks and dip

regularly into sweet streams, spring fed and deep.

We are all born wild,

rooting for breast milk like small furry animals,

led by our only instinct,

the need for love.

Run wild and throw off your shackles.

Listen only to the blood singing in your veins.

Plunge your hands wrist deep into soft soil

and breathe in the scent of life.

Open your mouth to the sky and drink nothing but rain.

You are a member of this planet.

A child of the earth.






Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

5 responses to “We are all born wild

  1. Wow, I really needed this one today – thank you Natasha – incredible!

  2. Oh, YES.

    These echo the words that have been rattling in my brain – Our loss of play, death of wonder, mourning the passing of childhood imagination.

    You nailed it, dear.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your gift in these words

    Much love to you

    Over a decade past the tragic loss of my sister ( for loss to not be tragic would be the ultimate sadness, no ? ) I was somehow directed to your pages

    This particular piece is a godsend … After reading this earlier…I spent every moment I could steal reading your words…then felt like everyone else was stealing my moments away from this awakening

    I felt your words… I FEEL your words…. I know she does too but on the other side

    I also felt it when you said you were sorry it happened to me, her, US

    You compelled me to write these words of thanks

    You awoke the sweet wild soul in me and reminded me of the one I miss each day I am without her

    Thank you Natasha

    So very much

    Your words are a great gift xo

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