Wildness is our weapon

Day 164

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

Wildness is the enemy of civilization.

The ones who run wild

through meadows and forests.

The ones who sleep under skies full of stars and moonlight.

The ones who roam long miles over mountains and prairies and make their homes wherever they please.

The ones who refuse to be  kept, or penned, or imprisoned, or


are all enemies of the state,

dangers to a culture that holds profit above all else,

even life.

There is a war raging against the wild.

Anything out of place will be shot on sight.

Bears, wolves, coyotes, bison, people,


for following the Old Ways,

for wandering along the ancient lines and following the trails of the ancestors.

Fuck you civilization, and the zombies that do your bidding for a dollar

or two.

How do we fight a beast like this?

We join the battle.

Stand on the side of the wild ones,

guns drawn, swords raised.

And become wild ourselves,

rejoin the ranks of the ones who run free,

and refuse to be tamed.

If we do not conform, if we do not play by the rules, if we do not assimilate,

the beast has no power over us.

Wildness is the enemy of civilization.

So dangerous, that their only strategy is to kill, and murder in the hopes they can stomp out the fiery flames of freedom, hoping they don’t spread.

But the thing they hate the most? The thing that drives them crazy?

Is that wildness can’t be destroyed. Can’t be bombed, or buried, or beaten

or killed.

Because it lives in the places they can’t reach,

in hearts, and minds,

in skies, and mountains, and rivers, and seas,

and in the very earth beneath our feet.

Wildness is everywhere, in everything, and in all of us.

It is ancient,

and it is powerful, and it is







Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


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