I just feel sad

Day 166

I wish I could hear waves crashing right now.

On sandy shores, in the dark.

Salty water teeming with life.

I need to be held,

rocked to sleep by something bigger than myself.

I need a reminder,

of the rhythm.

The pulsing heartbeat of our gentle mother.

We’ve strayed too far,

and it is lonely here.

Hold me Mama.


Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

4 responses to “I just feel sad

  1. SS and I spend a lot of time listening to the waves we hear in our big seashells, collected by my Grandmother in Florida. Sometimes I believe so strongly that it truly is a magic echo of these beings’ home. And sometimes it makes me long for it so, feeling their homesickness.

    • Hides, you always get it. You always know what to say. you’re a gift. To me, and to the world. Your heart is as big as the sea. Wish we were having tea!! Love you sooooo much!

    • I’ve read this comment bunches of times Hides, because yes! That’s it! We’re feeling the homesickness of millions. What you said here is beautiful, thank you.

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