By any means necessary

Day 184

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

We’re not doomed.

Just made to feel that way.

There are ways to stop this monster in its’ tracks.

They’re trying to build a natural gas pipeline

through some of the last wild-ish spots

in this area.

The few small bunches of acres

where flood waters still tear through

and where small lizards with blue heads,

dart quickly from shadow to shadow

on the sunny rocks.

When I think about that,

the gas companies with their poison chemicals fracturing our delicate and ancient bedrock,

it takes my breath away,

squeezes my chest,

so I feel like someone is either pressing on my ribs or tearing them apart.

And I think,

that is how our own sweet earth must feel,

as she’s torn limb from limb

in this insane scramble for

the last drops of

precious and

irreplaceable  fossil fuels.



to stop

this madness.

By any means necessary.


Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

Michelle Johnsen, thank you for loving the world with your kind heart. For showing me the beauty in the smallest things, with your photography and your writing. It is a gift to work on this project with you, I love you. Thank you for this guest piece tonight.
photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

What will you be when you grow up, weeping willow sapling?
Will you bend low, dip your hair into the quiet stream, bear catkins?
Gaze at your own reflection, feel the warm sun on your cheeks of bark?
Or are you destined to whistle to a stop on the taut skin of a race horse, a slender switch in the palm of a jockey?
Or you, tulip poplar, so tall and straight and strong; will you grow to the top of the forest, bear your sweet flowers, which fall to my feet and teach me to look up?
Will you lend your unbending strength to those of us who dare remember how to carve you into a canoe?
Or will you become forgotten ceiling beams, baring your streaky red heartwood breast to us below?
Oak fence, did you know you’d survive being clear cut, droughted, burned, blighted, and wilted, just to become a fence? To separate neighbors, be a wall between communication?
When your leaves fell for the last time, did you feel it?
Sweet pine, darling spruce, stately douglas fir, all gloriously evergreens.
Instead of pinecones hanging from you, there are ornaments and tinsel and gifts wrapped beneath you.
Did you guess you’d be sawed from the earth, strung with lights, and propped up in my living room, drying out while waiting for Dad to water you?
Dear baby trees, What do you want to be?
I hope you stay trees.
photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen



One response to “By any means necessary

  1. Exquisite.
    Thank you, Michelle.

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