My spirit is broken like the land

Day 194 and 195

Who speaks to you?

The plants, with their silky green leaves,

reaching toward the sun?

Pistils and stamens, petals and stems,

a tangle of bodies,

a different kind of mind.

Or is it the trees?

Strong, wise, branches brushing the sky,



dancing in the wind.

Do the animals speak to you?

Driven by instinct,

powerful like the bear,

small as the mouse.

Following the stars at night,

howling at the moon,

raising babies

under the watchful eye of razor clawed predators,

our siblings.

How about the waters?

springs, and creeks, and rivers, and oceans

cool and deep,

sometimes boiling,

salty and sweet,

gurgling, babbling, sweetly singing,

liquid lullabies,

rhythmic and soothing,

and wild.

If somebody

speaks to you,

then go to them,


Go to them with arms open,

kneel before them

with tears in your eyes

and apologies on your lips.

Go to them,

the places that call you,

the creatures, large and small,

our brothers and sisters,

the earth.

Defend them, fight for them, speak with them, love them,

until your last dying breath and beyond.

Wake up! Come alive,

open your eyes.

Go to them.

Go to them.

Go to them.

Go to them.


My spirit is broken

like the land.

but I am ready to be whole.

We’re trying to heal together,

this sweet planet

and I.

Trying to help one another

put the pieces back together.


Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez


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