This planet is alive

And then one day you wake up

and spring has arrived.

Riotous color

springing forth from

branches and ground

that were bare only moments before.

This earth,

so female in her seasons,

with such grand cycles of heating and cooling,

drying and moistening,


and infertility,

is breathtaking

in her ability to create life

from simple building blocks.

Carbon and oxygen,

sunlight and water,

soil and air.

She is alive.

You’re a fool if you can’t see it.

A murderer if you don’t care.

A rapist if you continue

to steal

what was never yours to take

in the first place.

They tell themselves the earth is not living so they can do with it what they wish,

use and abuse and exploit and


without guilt, without repurcussions, without


Men made monsters.

Mad, with want of money.

Insane and ravenous and crazy and deranged.

Seemingly unstoppable.

But frightened too, and desperate

because their luck is running out.

Their days are numbered.

Because we are rising up,

gathering strength,


This planet is


Thank you for listening,




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