You’re not crazy. We’re just living in collapse.

Day 201

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

There is nothing wrong with you.

Read it again.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Read it again.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your depression, your sadness, your anger,

your fear, your helplessness,

your hopelessness,

does not make you a freak,

does not make you crazy.

You are not alone.

We all feel shitty.

Because the world as we know it,

this civilization,

this earth

is in collapse.

Right now,

this minute,

this second,

and we all feel it.

Whether we can admit it or not,

whether we can name it or not.

We are living in collapse.

hundreds of species,

lost each day.

Rape and murder,

violence and hate,

greed and corruption,



Ecosystems, oceans, the atmosphere

poisoned, contaminated, exploited

and destroyed.

And it all just fucking hurts.

Because we’re all connected,

part of the community here on this incredible planet.

And there is just





We’re not crazy,

and we’re not alone.

We don’t need to medicate the pain away, or drink the pain away, or smoke the pain away, or distract the pain away.

We need to feel it,  and claim it, and own it, and understand it and name it.


And then, through the numbing ache of loss,

we need to gather our strength,

and collect our courage,

and fight.

Because where there is collapse,

a restructuring is soon to follow.

Because we need to save

the precious little still left.

And because

in every end

there is




Embrace it.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez



5 responses to “You’re not crazy. We’re just living in collapse.

  1. Can I just rant/vent for a minute? Please? Lately I feel like I don’t connect with anyone my age – I meet a lot of people that talk the talk and I have these long deep conversations that don’t manifest anything physical except a more alert state of knowing where the culture is at – same people like to talk TV shows and movies and celebrities and I am just so sick of hearing about them / and we go round and round on politics and tactics and I am so sick of not doing and being in “action” with others – I have stopped drinking and I am told that I am being judgmental when I skip the party to keep my mind clear and in thoughts of taking care of the planet but I find myself getting upset that no one supports me trying to stay away from the bottle to not have the temptation or be triggered into relapse! I find myself not caring about people or wanting to deal with their demands but I don’t want to isolate either!
    I feel I have not only thought of giving up my possessions in search of a better life and learning permaculture but I actually have given up these things to demonstrate indigenous practices and their worth to our current situation. I was unaware of the blowback I would get from my parents and friends when I started doing permacukture full time – I don’t have a trust fund and I am mostly bartering for my living situation while taking care of my family….I am accepting the kindness of community for the first time…Why so much resistance to the resistor? To someone living outside the system? Some of my friends went to war and never came back and the ones that did we’re never the same. I have people telling me I have no right to be upset ? I am just losing it but I will say that your post has really helped me out today – thanks you for what you do and thank you for the support you give.

  2. Matthew, that’s intense. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for doing what you do. We all need to be working on transition right now. You’re an inspiration; hang tough. We’ve got to find a way to- I hate that I’m saying this- monetize (or otherwise better compensate) work like what you’re doing. We’ve got to build momentum for the changes we have to dive into. I think we’re all feeling that.

    Natasha, thanks so much for this, too. It’s perfect. Love to you too. And all of us.

  3. GreatOppressionCallsForGreatRebellion

    Matthew something I have learned is that there will always be backlash to new things/ways of thinking. People don’t like what they don’t understand. People are arrogant and ignorant and some are completely oblivious or content in the way things are. It’s hard but we have to understand they haven’t gotten that swift kick to their ass yet. I think those of us that have woken up are supposed to help as many people as we can to understand whats happening, and why. I’ve seen it, when people get the facts and their vision isn’t clouded by lies/propaganda, a light bulb goes off and they finally see. Some are a lost cause (usually people of the older generations like our parents) and knowledge is wasted on them. Something we have to remember is that many of our parents/grand parents fought the good fight and understood how messed up things are but now are tired of fighting, they’ve given up. Its unfortunate but the things you are trying to do will probably never fully make sense to them, but they are not who we need to convince. It is our generation and the ones after us that needs to and can change things. Many have become content with clouding there perception with alcohol and partying, but they are aware, even on a subconscious level. They just need to consciously notice this awareness. Some have been tricked into thinking that the problem is not as pressing or as big as it is. But for those that are starting to realize, we can help them dig deeper. Were all in this together, and you are definitely not alone

  4. gotta crack open the egg to be the new being that is inside you… breaking open the shell wether it is in or out doesn’t matter, it’s that we break it… uncomfortable process maybe. keep at it, life is all the proof we need that it is worth it. Walk in a forest and know each living thing had to push through something to become what it is… be it ground or shell or womb. xo

  5. Reblogged this on If I look back, I am lost… and commented:
    This is exactly what I’ve been unable to put into words for such a long time. Beautiful.

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