Our ticket to freedom

Day 208

Photo by Michelle Johnsen

Photo by Michelle Johnsen

Our ticket to freedom is knowledge.

It is the careful, muddy-kneed crouch of the girl with the field guide keying out the wildflower in the fallow lot next door.

Opposite leaves. Check. 6 petals. yes, all there.

Still, small, and listening.

And it’s the outstretched arm holding the hand made bow,

fingers brushing cheek in release

along the deer trail.

Barely breathing, soul, facing soul.

It’s understanding the birds when they tell you danger is ahead,

flocks flying,

warning calls,

the silent flicking of tails.

And it’s the ability

to coax green tendrils

from dry seeds.

To build soil

where there was dust just a short time ago.

To feed ourselves without stores, without boxes, without GMO’s.

Our ticket to freedom is knowledge.

It’s the one thing they can’t control.

Ideas that spread like wild fire,

stories that whisper past

soft lips in the dark.

Our ticket to freedom is knowledge.

And calloused hands and bare feet.

Your mind was made for this journey.

And your heart too.

Let the land show you

who you really


who you’ve been

all along.

Thank you for listening,




photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


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