We are the warriors, rewilding

Day 209

photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez

So you’re falling in love.

With each green tendril, and 5 fingered paw mark in soft,

and silty stream bank.

Your sit spot calls to you,

with small but insistent voice.

You spend time watching, and listening, and wandering, and discovering

and adventuring.

You are a child again,

eyes clear,

mind quiet,

heart open.


And then one day you see them.

The small sticks with the orange flags marking straight line

through forested stream side,

or soft sloping hill.

The mark of madness.

Surveying stakes

painstakingly positioned

over the fallen logs where salamanders lay

and the butterflies land to rest their weary wings.

Through the delicate strands of twining honeysuckles

and dazzling purple violets, yellow buttercups and ruby red trilliums.

Over the roots of the old sycamore, and under the shade of the sinewed and muscular beech.

You follow them

cold knot of tension clutching at your belly,

through the land you’ve come to love.

And you cannot stop watching

a few weeks later

when the big yellow, and orange, and green

trucks come rolling in

tearing tires and deep treads,

the sound of chainsaws replacing bird calls

and the smell of asphalt

where before there was only the sweetness

of soft damp soil.

It’s only later

after the machines have gone away

that you walk

through the place

you used to sit, and swim naked in the stream.

And the sobs come,

tearing from heaving chest like

wild animals

clamoring to break free.

There are the soft bodies of the salamanders.

and the ground nesting birds,

giving way to decay,

dried like mummies

or revealing smooth bones beneath.

Gone are the twining vines and delicate flowers,

the tree roots and whispering leaves.

And you are broken like the land.

It is no small thing to fall in love these days.

There is a war here, raging.

We are the warriors,






Thank you for listening,



photo by Wilson Alvarez

photo by Wilson Alvarez



2 responses to “We are the warriors, rewilding

  1. I am so with you on this one.

  2. Beautiful – thank you Natasha

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