Would it be easier?

Day 218

It rained all day today, which was nice

but I felt kind of mad all day

feeling irritated and frustrated

by situations I can do very little about.

It’s the kind of day I find myself wishing

I knew nothing of the ways of this world, the trouble that we’re  in.

I imagine the soothing emptiness of denial,

how comforting it must be to believe that the world as we know it can go on existing indefinitely.

I think of the people I know, how some go shopping for fun, looking for deals without thought or worry

about the hands, backs and lives of those

hunched over sewing machines and standing next to noisy machines,

day in, day out,

caught and kept in this web of consumerism.

I wonder if I would be happier.

Not knowing.

But once you’ve opened this box

you just can’t stuff it back inside.

But sometimes,

on days like today,

when fighting seems futile,

I almost wish

I just didn’t know

about any of this stuff.

Would it be easier?

Thank you for listening,




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