odds and ends

Day 221

It is a challenge to write each night on

these long and beautiful spring days.

Chasing a toddler

leaves me tired,

and happy,

but by the time he’s sleeping

I’m nearly ready to sleep too.

I’ve been working things out

in frequent and

chaotic dreams.

One night, a tiger attacked me.

With claws and fangs, snarling,

yet didn’t leave a mark

and I wasn’t even scared.

The next night

I lost Revie,

and wandered, frantic

through tangled forests

until I woke up

holding him tight.

I tied a bead of turquoise around my neck today,

raw, a small ball, green and blue like the earth.

A chip of our beautiful planet

resting at my throat.

A reminder of courage.

A message of strength.

The woods were alive today,

with snakes and mushrooms and flowers and trees.

Everything green and sparkling,


Like me.

Thank you for listening,



photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen


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