we are a people marked by scars

my mother had her right breast removed today.

in an attempt to stop the cancer growing in her


we are a people

marked by scars.

we the people

living at the end.

the story of civilization written on our skin.

but we are fighters

finding the beauty in the breakdown

and the lessons in the loss.

we may be bruised

but we are not broken.

we may wander

but we are not lost.

there is comfort in collapse.


we are held in the arms of something much greater than ourselves

relax in the knowledge.

you are loved

by our sweet mother


I’m sorry mama.

thank you for listening,








4 responses to “we are a people marked by scars

  1. Wishing nothing but strength and recovery for your mum

    Thank you for sharing your gift in words


  2. hecatedownunder

    You are so very welcome. Thank you for sharing yourself. I will wear my jawline face scar from melanoma courtesy of enjoying New Mexico extra proudly today!

  3. Aching for you, with you.
    I am so sorry.
    This is SO hard.
    Love to you all.

  4. Some people have scars on their skin
    Some of us have scars on our hearts
    Just because they are not visible
    Does not mean they can’t be seen.

    A wonderfully evocative blog you have here.

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