you are a wild thing caged

listen carefully.

put your hands in mine.

it is very difficult to live here right now

with our planet under attack.

surrounded by suffering

in this landscape of loss

with every creature struggling to survive.

I am so so sorry for that. I can see your heart is broken like mine is. It’s the proper response to so much pain.

but we are stronger than we think, and smarter,

able to learn the skills of self reliance,

with our quick and eager minds

and hands.

not just in case

this whole thing falls


but because learning to live without the beast

will kill it.

the only thing left to do is study, learn, practice,

perfect, immerse, rewild.

and then

dig your heels in

and fight back.

any way you can


there are many of us rising up now

in a million different ways.


you are not alone.

there is nothing wrong with you.

you are a wild thing caged.

break free.

thank you for listening.

I love you.







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