An observer on the edge of the end

If you would throw a ball  straight up as high as you can into the air

there is a moment when that ball is neither ascending or descending

its suspended motionless high up in the sky

for an observer only able to see this millisecond pause

the ball is defying gravity

floating motionless above the surface of the earth seemingly indefinitely

for that observer an entire science and world view would sprout up

religions would worship the floating deity that defies the universe

the tangible world would shatter under the proof of power greater than

scientific laws

monuments would be erected in the image of that observer

children would learn of his/her achievements and aspire for similar greatness

the course of human history would steer slightly in a new direction

this millisecond

this moment in a long line of moments taken out of context becomes truth

what we don’t see

the moments that were

the moments that are to come

are part of the moment that is

they make now truthful

to the observer that waits for a while

feet dangling on the edge of the end

this moment seems motionless

it seems infinite

collapse seems impossible

how could solid become liquid

liquid become gas

but to know the story

the whole story

you must know what came before

what is to come after

and how they are all linked together through space and time.


will we be able to observe truth

or will the ball forever float

infinitely stable in the sky.





One response to “An observer on the edge of the end

  1. love this

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