here in the belly of the beast

We need very little really, to survive,

Fresh food, vegetables and meat, clean water, pure air, sunlight, sleep.

But to thrive we need so much more.

Love, attention, space to run, room to play. Laughter, Connection. Community.

Survival can be accomplished alone. Hunting and gathering, building fires, fetching water.

But in order to thrive we must have others. Mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends.

But civilization has turned us against one another. We no longer see each other as allies,

but as enemies.

We have forgotten who and what we should be fighting and have instead turned on ourselves, like ravenous wolves kept caged, wild things mad with confinement.

Our hearts are hard but they will soften in time, with practice.With patience.

The enemy wants us to battle each other, wants us to lose sight of our goal. Wants us to stay weak, and small and separate, and

Its time to learn to work together, to recognize one other for exactly what we are

the resistance.

living, loving, laughing, fighting

here in the belly

of the beast.

Thank you for listening,


2 responses to “here in the belly of the beast

  1. yes
    lately i’ve been wondering about what would this world look like without “war”

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