go home to the land

Go home to the land.

It may be the land your ancestors lived and died on, the land they fought for with their own spilled blood.

It may not be.

Either way, go to the land you call home.

Lay down on the cool earth and look up a the stars.

They may be few, the barest glimmer through light polluted sky. Or they may be many.

Either way look up.

Feel yourself held, somewhere between spinning earth and endless universe.

Let your heart beat fall into step with the soft sighing of the world around you.

Be still and beg for forgiveness. Talk to the plants, the animals, the water, the soil, anyone who will listen.

We’ve made terrible mistakes, caused endless suffering.

We beg for mercy now,

but mercy is not what we deserve.


Clear sweet melodies,

and wailing wild lamentations.

Languages all life forms understand.

We have been separated for far too long.

Its time to go home to the land.

Thank you for listening,

photo by Michelle Johnsen

photo by Michelle Johnsen

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