UPCOMING BLACKOUTS: Events and Actions

Our dear friend and fellow activist Ryan O. coined the term “blackout”, and I simply love it.

The term “Blackout” can be used to describe any action or gathering inspired by “the year of black clothing: in mourning, in solidarity, in rebellion” movement.


******October 27th, 7-8 pm, location: everywhere**************

 A 1 hour blackout, in mourning, in solidarity, in rebellion”


On Sunday October 27th, from 7-8pm, we invite you to shut off all of the lights in your house, and around your property.

Turn off and unplug your TV’s, your computers, your phones, your major appliances, and anything else with a cord and a power button. Refrain from using anything that requires electricity.

During this hour go outside if you can. Or stay inside.  Sit around a fire if you can, or around a candle, or in complete darkness.  Gather with loved ones and friends if you can, or just be alone.

Sing, tell stories, laugh, cry. Mourn for your personal losses and our collective ones. Wear black if you want; or don’t. Talk about who and what you stand in solidarity with and why. Pray. Praise. Sit in silence, or scream at the top of your lungs. Dance, hug one another. Lay on the ground and look at the stars. Play games with your children, listen to their stories.Wail.

Do what feels right, follow your instincts.

Let the emotions wash over you. Do not be afraid of them.

We need to know who we are with the lights off.

We need to know what we do without distractions.

We need to see what happens when we join together.

Invite your friends,

Share, and Share, and Share again.

For more info:

“like” the year of black clothing on facebook.



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