Join the Rebellion

This blog is a record of my journey.

My journey navigating the rough terrain of mourning, solidarity, and rebellion. And reconnecting, regenerating, and rebelling. Add it’s a record of my husband Wilson’s journey, and our friend and photographer Michelle’s journey too.

But it has become so much more. It’s a place for many to share stories, ideas, and thoughts. A place to mourn together, a place to be heard. A place where the culture of rebellion  can slowly grow.

But this needs to be SO much more.

This is a call to action, an invitation.

To look at your own life, examine your own feelings, find your own voice. Figure out what you mourn for, who you stand with, and what you fight for.

I welcome you to share your experiences through this blog, or on The Year’s facebook page. Please send your art, video, photography, poetry, writing, songs, thoughts and  feelings to What we can’t fit here, we’ll put on the facebook page,

Or start your own blog, your own movement, or your own project, connect with us, share your experiences.

Do the work that makes your own heart happy, and support others in their own passions. Fight for what YOU believe in.

Plan rallies, protests, meetings, and public mourning events. Brainstorm. Teach each other lessons and skills. Reconnect to the land. Listen to the birds.

Share and share and share again.

And as this project grows into a movement, we’ll gather together, we’ll connect in the streets, we’ll support one another.

And when we meet, we’ll know each other by our black clothing, but also by the spark in our eyes.

Because changing this world is gonna take all we’ve got.

Gather your strength, join together, stand your ground.

The winds of change are blowing.

Can you feel it?




7 responses to “Join the Rebellion

  1. The birth of a dying race as a species we have been lead astray we have raped our mother polluted her from bay to bay. We have forsaken her from the trees to the honey bees. What will we do? How do we make amends when the time is ticking; is this the beginning of our end? Go back to her, go back to her our mother is pleading, we are the only ones who can stop the bleeding. We belong to her: she is apart of us not a possession, shed this materialist obsession. Nurture her, respect her, love her then return to her. We have no other choice it is time now for everyone to find their voice! It is a time for grief to ensure our relief!

    Natasha you are an inspiration! I was just recommended your blog by a new friend! I wrote this and thought I would share

    • Thank you for this piece Candice! Do you mind if I share it as a guest post some night? Thank you for reaching out and writing, it means very much to me to be connecting like this. Love to you!!! xo Natasha

  2. Natasha, can you send adel and i your email address? (massage on hi-MAN Up is fine. thanks!

  3. Natasha,

    I am a friend of your sisters, as well as a fellow freedom fighter. After hearing about my books “Imagine Freedom” and the sequel “Freedom Lives” she told me she thought I should reach out to you. You can check my books out @

    You can email me directly at

    I would love to chat about some radical petitions I am working on that I believe could take this rebellion to another level!

  4. I honor what you are doing and look foreward to your posts. I hope to be able to add words eventually as well.


  5. Thanks to you and Wilson for what you’ve both put in to get me moving with this…

  6. Captain Fabulous

    I recently listened to your interview on the permaculture podcaste, and the work you are doing really reminds me of the work of Joanna Macy and deep ecology, perticularly the workshop process called the truth mandala, which is a very powerful group grief process. Here is instructions on how to lead the process.

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